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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
The core problem with the Forsaken is they're supposed to largely be the reanimated dead of Lordaeron without Ner'zhul/Arthas' control but act little different from Scourge, complete with paling around with the Greenskins and brewing a plague to destroy Humanity. They've tried to "address" this with some claims that the Alliance is hostile to Undead regardless of how threatening they act but we see evidence otherwise.
The base idea of the forsaken could enable incredible stories. It makes sense that the undead are naturally callous and cruel, since they don't feel pain or sensations like us. When you forgot how is to feel pain, needs to breathe and never get tired, any living thing complaining about things like being hurt or exhausted seem weak and pathetic, right?

I also understand that many undead would be resentful. Nothing can compare to YOUR suffering.

But there should be different ideologies within the forsaken since the beginning. Also, since the Light both causes pain and makes other sensations more intense, undead priests could very well act as the moral center of the forsaken, reminding themselves and others of what it was like to be living once.

But, it got lost in this gimmick of following Sylvanas, torturing/killing people and making plagues to end all life.

Worst of all, I'm now at WotLK content with my nightborne and doing Howling Fjord and Dragonblight Horde-side (I had done so only on Alliance so far), and the forsaken are portrayed as comically incompetent at trying to make their plague, so the callousness of their actions is obfuscated by their dumb demeanor.
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