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Now I'm not trying to convince you to play again. WoW is just too time consuming.
I wouldn't mind it if the game was actually concerned with keeping my business. Part of what keeps me here is that hope that maybe a spoiler will come out confirming that the Night Elves don't get completely crushed (again).

Businesswise, if I were Blizzard doing the evalution, the main thing I would look for is whether there's been substantial negative feedback from players on the NE content in the game. And from my (erratic, sporadic) skimming of the story forums, I haven't seen much.
I don't think it gets brought up much anymore because everyone already knows that things are bad and have gotten to accepting it. Raise the topic though and you'll get general agreement. The most recent example I can think of is the sister post to the "Night Elves and the Player Experience" post - which is up on the official Story forums now. The response to it was almost lockstep agreement, but a sense of resignation, not outrage. It's normal. It's become accepted.

Here is the post, by the way:

As for the rest, I think the only thing you and I agree with wholeheartedly on is that Blizzard, because they're writing an MMO, they need to serve a lot of different tastes. I believe they're capable of doing so, but where I think you and I disagree, and quite strongly, is in the belief that they have done that.... not just with Night Elves but with most races.... but ESPECIALLY with Night Elves.
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