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Originally Posted by Royalpimp View Post
The 'Electric Eye' song is a nice one to mold your character over, especially a warden with an engineering proficiency. And, man, I never thought of night elves when listening to 'The Sentinel', but that's kind of interesting, it's always been one of my favorite songs from them. I'd say 'Some head are gonna roll' is better from that album, but it's a really solid album all in all, second only to 'Painkiller' imo. What do you think about that one btw? And did you give the Tim Owens years a go?

That new song you linked is nice too, but I'm not a big fan of how old Halford's voice sounds in it in some parts. I mean it's only natural, dude's over 60 I think, and I loved his work with his solo band Halford despite that, but it's a bit tiresome after a while. Then again, I sort of like how he's started relying less on his screams since getting older, and the screams he does do tend to sound rougher than in his younger days.
As I said, I didn't come to appreciate Painkiller until much later, which probably has something to do with my difficulty in getting it off of Amazon MP3. (It's not available, you can order the CD though, which I did) I can find no other word to describe Painkiller other than "Perfect". There just isn't a song on the album that I hate. "One Shot at Glory" can get a little corny, and "Metal Meltdown" feels like its all over the place, but they're still songs that I enjoy. I'm only sad I didn't come across it sooner, and I can only imagine how an album that included "Nightcrawler" and "Leather Rebel" while I was playing a rogue would have been to listen to during PVP.

I did listen to Jugulator, and that kind of turned me off to Ripper Owens. The difference is noticeable, and it's not just the vocals. The overall direction just doesn't feel right. What I like about Judas Priest's fare is that most of their work has a sense of motion to it, if that makes sense. I could probably demonstrate it by cutting up "Delivering the Goods" from Killing Machine/Hell Bent for Leather

It's not a perfect division, but the non-chorus part, especially when we get to the instrumental, molds to what in general I like. 1:52 to 3:10 is a particularly good example of this. But the chorus parts slow down and break into this slow, prodding feeling, almost like that car you were driving just got stuck in the mud. I'm probably misdiagnosing this, but Jugulator seems to want to go for a sort of industrial sound, and so it slows down and slogs quite a bit. When it's not, they're abusing the drums, instead of doing something closer to the strategic use we'd see of them in sequences like the opening to Electric Eye (the three beats that separate the intro following The Helion and the sequence that sets the rhythm to the song). The drum abuse is the sort of thing that will just get me lost in the song because it feels like they're just throwing noise at me.

Jugulator itself is a kind of poster child for those issues (or at least what I see as issues), so I'll post it up.

1:48 kicks off an example of both of those issues. But, overall, it may have a good Halford scream impression, but it doesn't feel like Priest. It feels like they were trying to do what a lot of other bands were doing, and it really drags it down in my opinion. For the record, those kinds of sequences initially turned me off to Painkiller because of how Painkiller begins. It's grown on me, certainly, but initially I didn't like the first track.

... and that I guess ties in to the point about him relying less on screaming (not really, the more I look at this. Rob Halford does not alone make Judas Priest, and while Owens did some things that made him sound more like Rob Zombie than Judas Priest, one has to ask what the rest of the band was thinking as well). Screaming doesn't make Rob Halford a great vocalist, Rob Halford makes Rob Halford a great vocalist, even as I admit that you couldn't complete certain of his songs ("The Sentinel" and "Dreamer Deceiver" come to mind) without his trademark screaming.

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