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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
And yet it does.

And complaining about it does no good. Blizzard doesnt care. About me as a customer, about fans of anything not human alliance side, etc...

You know who else doesnt care?
Any game company for a franchise. ME, CoD, Mario, Zelda, tekken.

So dont play for the lore, play for fun.

And if you dont find it fun, dont play at all. Its not worth getting angry over.

And yeah, I was sick over this too.

Then I got a call from my older sister for the first time in over a decade.
Then I talked to my dad and his problems.
My guildies who are new parents and struggling to find time to play.

And then I felt embarrassed that I felt sick, because its just a game. Its enjoyable, to me, to many others, and you can try and excuse it with skinner boxes and burns hexagons all you want, but thats no different than the development equivalent of a trope. Execution matters.

Does this suck? Sure.

It just doesnt matter. I play for friends and fun and frankly, Blizzard is the same evil as every other business
Yeah, this is a cop out. You could rewrite this entire post as "fiction is stupid". Are there more important things? Absolutely. That doesn't make bad writing okay.

Also no, every company is not the same. Some are objectively doing better jobs of this than others.

... and I feel like you are reaching at this point to defend this. It is okay to feel sick about this. It is okay to be upset about this. It is okay to have some feeling about fiction. That's the point of fiction! But what they've done here wasn't the result of a carefully crafted and meaningful story. It was a garbage contrivance that obliterated something I have fond memories of.

Now, can I leave? Yes. I did because I could read the writing on the wall. But this thing reached through the goddamned internet and ruined my Friday.

So now I'm here. Getting this out of my system before I go back to titles that deserve my attention.

Huh ...I was wondering where you disappeared off too. I miss RPing with you in Darnassus, but from the look of things. I am certain those days will be gone for good, as Teldrassil and all rightful Kaldorei clay and roots are taken by the Horde. You know, I am very surprised this happening now and didn't happen during the days of Cataclysm -

I had hopes that with Kosak leaving WoW to Hearthstone would have been a fresh breath of air for the story ...This, perhaps in terms of the Horde, barring the Zandalari is big Sylvanas circle-jerk. At least if they remain consistent with their vision of having one faction continents. The Night Elves could see a renewal elsewhere on Azeroth. Perhaps, it is best for the Kaldorei be far removed anywhere close to the Horde as it would mean continued destruction of their identity.

Not that I want zones like Ashenvale, Moonglade and my precious Darkshore to begone. It just seems that the future of Warcraft isn't too kind to the Night Elves.

It would be nice to see you back in game, and with heritage/racial themed armor becoming a thing. Maybe you will get that full set of legit Warden armor?
I guess I'll take this in parts.

There's a tone of inevitability I think in your post, which was part of the reason I left the game. The writers have got people conditioned to think that things had to be this way. That the Night Elves simply couldn't be anything other than what they've become, and I couldn't disagree more.

An ancient empire forced into having to change could have been handled well. How would druidism cope with technology? How would their prior #savage nature intertwine with complex diplomacy? Buuuut we didn't get that, because the writers didn't want to make them competent and handwaved away all of their advantages. Even them being nocturnal in a twitter post!

These were choices, not inevitabilities. So the question now is, should you accept those choices? I argue no. I am encouraging people to reject them.

As for me coming back to the game. It won't happen. I made the decision not to reward this behavior, and I certainly don't see a reason to do so now. I prefer to reward games and franchises that make me happy.
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