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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Depends what lore are we talking about. Warcraft III to Chronicle? It was a straight up retcon, the orcs did not have any industrial themes under Thrall because they never had them. There was even a tidbit saying that Orgrimmar was built only thanks to gobline engineers and was the first orcish city on Azeroth, an absurd notion to any Warcraft II fan.

Post Chronicle V. 2/WoD? The industrial themes are back, but they are almost exlusively tied to the Blackrock Clan. Because of that, an argument could be made the reason why the Horde of the First and the Second War was more industrial is that it was headed by the Blackrocks back then, while this clan was not even part of Thrall's Horde bar a small number of individuals.
Yeah, if it's a straight up retcon, I can see why you'd be upset about that. What do you think the odds are that Brown Orcs could spell the return of those themes?
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