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Angry Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad - The American Politics Thread

This is a thread to talk about anything political, the title is a joke

I'll start with the Nato Summit in my country
NATO seeks missile defence agreement with Russia

Earlier, during the NATO summit, Obama said the most important thing he could do for the European economy was to promote growth and jobs in the United States, saying that the quicker the US economy recovered, the better it was for all.

NATO leaders agreed on Friday to develop a missile system to protect the territory of all NATO member states in Europe and North America. It will be capable of intercepting long-range missiles fired from the Middle East.

Russia will be invited to be involved in the system when President Dmitry Medvedev meets US President Barack Obama and other NATO leaders at the summit in Portugal, but it remains unclear what role Moscow might play.

The system would be designed to defend against intercontinental ballistic missiles fired from Iran or North Korea, but Russia is reluctant to join a programme that defines Iran as a potential missile threat.

NATO member Turkey also is opposed to identifying Iran, a neighbour and ally, as a possible aggressor. NATO sources said leaders had agreed not to name Iran in a statement that will refer to the missile shield, securing Turkey's support.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen will hope language can be found to satisfy Russia and make the missile defence cooperation possible.
What do you think of this improvement of cooperation between russia and NATO



I like this guy even trough he's a bit i think dramatic, he addresses serious points quite effectively

There's also this forum to talk about EU politics i would be thankful if anybody would go in there

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