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Originally Posted by Shekinah View Post
Time to repopulate the Broken Isles!

But yeah, kicking the night elves out of Kalimdor does make me kind of miffed. I don't care much about Teldrassil, but the other places (Hyjal, Winterspring, Feathermoon, etc.) hold some good memories for me, and give me a nice opportunity to roleplay. I'm hoping that we don't lose all Kalimdor questing, but it's much too soon to say at this point.
I don't mean to be snippy about this, but that doesn't matter at all to me. With phasing and classic zones, we can see them, sure, but that doesn't change where the lore has gone. It doesn't change that the Night Elves were again portrayed as being blindingly incompetent, and that their identity as a race is for all intents and purposes dead.

Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
It's a fun game, regardless of the lore. If people are unhappy enough to stop paying, they absolutely should.

Different strokes.
It is?

Maybe this is just my distance talking, but it looks more and more every day like a series of skinner box traps where you're not playing because it's fun, but because a number on a screen is telling you to.

Put in a more eloquent way (he gets to the point at around 15 minutes - though with this guy, you usually get the full effect by listening to him ramble):

That doesn't matter so much to me if there's a story that I can get into and friends who can enjoy it with me. But this story is actively hostile to people who don't line up in lockstep with what Blizzard's writers want. Do you like human themes and questing? No? Too bad, we're going to force you to like it by taking away your choices.

I could link the Barbie doll skit, but I just can't be asked. You know where to find it, and I stopped finding this stuff funny a long time ago. It's abusive, and it's insulting to me that these people in the same breath and with a straight face had the gall to ask me to pay them for the privilege.

See, there are better games out there. There are games that don't treat people like that. There are companies that actually want your business and are far more deserving of it.
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