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I sympathize with being disappointed in the story that your favorite race is given. I have never been a big night elf fan. The just didn't interest me. I never wanted them to have a lame story though. Ideally every different race would have a good story, nice thematic zones, and a good amount of exposure.

I've always been someone that like Stromgarde, Dwarves, and then the rest of the Humans the most. I never wanted the other races in the Alliance, or any of the races in the Horde(Sans maybe the Forsaken around the time of Cataclysm) to just be shitted on and not have an enjoyable story.

So many Draenei and Night Elf fans just actively rooted and hoped for any story involving Humans to feel like complete shit for people who liked them.

I don't think that WoW's story has been at all good for Humans despite the amount of face time they've gotten. The stuff involving Lordaeron, Stromgarde, and Gilneas looks very promising, and I'm excited about it. I want this story to be good. I hope that Blizzard doesn't treat this as the singular Alliance vs Horde story, but treats what's going on in Lordaeron and Kalimdor as two separate things. Hopefully a story for the Night Elves on Kalimdor will be just as fleshed out.
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