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I imagine it will be a seperate game with a cheap initial buy in. It doesnt need a subscription since they wont be adding any new content to it.

I imagine they will probably do the patch right before the BC patch. It has everything in Vanilla. Throw on the bug fixes and go.

I am debating leveling a character when it comes out just to do old AV again. Escorting Rams back to base just to join in a glorious ram charge...
Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
So many deluded people think their rotting Waifuchief cares for them and their faction, when every scrap of internalized narrative has made it clear for years that to Sylvanas, the entirety of the Horde - including her own people - is nothing more than a shitton of bodies to stack between herself and her final death.

And all it takes is a tactically calculated "for the Horde" rallying the troops to make them all think "OMG she really does care!"
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