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Originally Posted by Sa'danak View Post
With all due respect Marthen, do you monitor any of the websites other than Scrolls? Because the air is definitely different this time around.
I did, until the recent levels of negativity made me stop (as of now, the only place I very occassionaly visit is Scrolls, and not for World of Warcraft threads). And it was in particular this negativity I have been adressing the post you quoted.

To be fair however, it is just not Blizzard. I've been lately leaving most social sites I was a part of for a long time because the sort of atmosphere that now pervades the internet just does not cut it for me.

Originally Posted by Sa'danak View Post
And that should worry you.
I am not particularly sure why I should. It's just games after all. If Blizzard keeps making things I enjoy, I'll continue enjoying them, if not, well, there's a myriad of games and other things to do around. And since I do not own any of their stock, the actual fate of the company does not concern me either.

Originally Posted by Sa'danak View Post
Krainz, you and I are never going to agree on story complaints to say the least. I think Tel'drassil is the worst writing Blizzard has written into the modern game and your signature is your signature so let's not do that.
See, this right here is an example of something absolutely incomprehensible to me. When we have The Burning Crusade with all its developments that completely ruined Warcraft as even a semi-serious settings and all its novels completely destroying older lore to the point that we had to wait a decade for Chronicle to at least half-way fix them (as nothing could have fixed them completely short of a reboot), Wrath with a plot so retarted and developments as much damaging to the setting, and so on, calling Teldrassil "the worst" is feels nothing but a gross overstatement aimed at nothing but rage fueling.
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