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I can't say I'm that much of a fan of giving either faction the opposite faction's races but with a different philosophy or mindset that works with that faction. I find that just destroys the flavor of the factions. I'm partially fine with it in the case of Void Elves and Nightborne, since that was just one case, but doing it to every single race is recipe for disaster in my opinion.

I am, however, not opposed to the idea of either faction having access to the opposite faction's animations and skeleton.

Just for an example, I could see Alliance having something like "good" wicker creatures or tentacle priests with the Forsaken skeleton and Furbolg or Krokul with the Tauren skeleton.

For Horde, I could see them get Mogu with the Draenei skeleton and Saurok or Saberon with the Worgen skeleton.

Stuff like that is what I'm way more partial to than putting race offshoots on the opposite faction.
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