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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
I tend to agree, but I don’t necessarily see how that could possibly be a possibility that the Bronze Flight would be aware of, unless most of the possible timeways were ones where the Cataclysm didn’t happen, or where Thrall wasn’t the one who saved the world.
Well, it was their role to know about all of the possible timeways to effectively prevent them intruding upon the true one.

Technically despite losing much of their power at the end of Cataclysm, the Bronzes are uniquely positioned to still retain a ton of knowledge of the true timeline and the possible false timelines they were tasked with keeping apart from it, as they used to be essentially immortal and routinely traveling among myriad points in time across multiple timeways.

In fact when one thinks about it, logically they should be the one Dragonflight that still has their powers in a way, since even if their contemporary selves were lessened, there should still be countless versions of themselves from before who hadn't been depowered yet still policing the timeways. At any point in time there should remain the possibility of Bronze dragons from the past popping up who still retain their powers over time, since they were always traveling between past, present and future as part of their jobs.

In that vein, it's hard to say if we as players would even be able to tell if a particular Bronze dragon we meet is the modern-day one whose powers are severely diminished, or if it's a fully empowered version of that dragon from the past who's only pretending to be his modern self while visiting Azeroth in the present as part of preserving the timeways.
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