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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
A very enlightening read. But not enlightening enough?

I need more information. I need more to understand why these students are going to protests and destroying property, with their young children in tow.

The post is very good at conveying that the police are being brutal and unconstitutional, but I'm from a generation that had MLK and Gandhi drilled into us as civil disobedience icons. What are the protests about? So I googled.

So the protests were about a proposed fuel tax. And the government caved and abandoned that proposed tax in December. But the protests continue because these people hate Macron. So they bring their children to protests, they break things, and the police brutally injure them.

* * *

She needs something more compelling to make me sympathetic. I don't feel she's given an adequate response to: "What do you want your protests to achieve?"
There are about 40.000 people that are protesting every week.
It's big enough that you can't ignore it, but too small to pretend to represent any kind of silent majority.
The moment was huge and all over the place at the beginning.
Now it feels like the people who protest do it because they just got used to it.
The initial demands were met, they ask for a referendum says but anyone that speaks about running for election (which is how you actually get laws passed) get threatened by death threats. They protest about the media not speaking enough about them protesting and the police being too violent against protesters.
I don't see them achieving anything w but Will don't see them stopping either.
We seem to have a group of deeply unhappy people that feel ignored and mistreated that will protest for the foreseeable future.

Concerning the police in France, they are usually very good at not killing people by accident.
Other than that they have two doctrines :
- stay far away and don't provoke the protesters. It usually ends with no wounds but a lot of things burned and destroyed. So the government gets a lot of flak.
- stay close and keep control of the crowd. It usually ends up with no destruction but a some injuring sometimes debilitating ones. So the government gets a lot of flak.
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