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Originally Posted by Ganishka View Post
I love everyone still thinks that WoD is just time travel. Rulkan being alive should have been a big hint that this wasn't the past of our Azeroth and Draenor. If it was the past of our timeline, Thrall, the Horde, the Alliance, and quite a few characters would not exist or would be drastically different if that was were changed. Instead, we are able to jump back to this Draenor with no ill effects, no time-wimey shit to deal with. Which can mean only one thing: that it is an alternate universe with some light time-travel for flavoring.
I'm pretty sure it was made abundantly clear that Garrosh created a parallel timeline. The trouble is the explanations made no mention of how it was possible to do so; we were basically told that there is one timeline and one alone, and that one unplanned hiccup would lead the world to ruin. Garrosh going back in time and arranging for the Old Horde to come out different? That's a pretty big change if I've ever seen one. Now, if they had said Kairoz had used his powers and technology from the Timeless Isle to create an alternate timeline, that would be different. The trouble is that no good explanation was offered, and people either refused to accept the truth or got the wrong idea.
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