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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
If the numbers shown in my post mean nothing to you, then nothing would.

I could present you the same information in the format of a well-written report with graphs, percentage of interaction and public reach. If you have no idea how my source data can have a positive impact on the product's value, then why would a well-written report matter at all?

The only exception is that you would look at the report and say "oh, these are numbers with hand-picked words! lots of words! this must make sense!" without even looking at the source data to validate my affirmation.

Now, if you're really saying that seven thousand people being excited about Teldrassil being burned down is meaningless to the affirmation that the idea sells (which means people are buying it), then absolutely no social media data would.
I'm saying I don't think seven thousand people are excited about Teldrassil burning because I am one of the people coming back for BFA but it's because of the Zandalari

you can't just take the numbers and assume the motivations for these people, your argument is hollow.

Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post

Of course, I'm not here to make an argument about sales. I'm simply here to remind Night Elf fans, when they make their purchasing decisions, that there is very little reason for hope and that their money will probably be better spent on more deserving franchises.
Exactly, you and Krainz are practically arguing two different things.

Regardless of whether it sells or not though it doesn't change that Teldrassil burning is a raw deal for the nelfs and things aren't likely to get better for them anytime soon.
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