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Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
Second is that Kylo said Rey is a child of nobodies. While having a character not be related to any famous bloodlines is okay, her being OP in that scenario is horrible. If she is related to someone, then her OPness is okay. I hope it will be revealed that Kylo was lying and that Rey is either a Kenobi or a Palpatine.
Well, to be fair Anakin was a child of nobody important too. In fact the idea of powerful Force-user "families" related by blood seems like a pretty recent, highly Expanded Universe-based idea via the Skywalkers and Solos pumping out exceptionally Force-talented kids left-and-right before that stuff became non-canon.

After all, the Jedi rejection of personal attachments and the Sith Rule of Two would rather inherently and significantly cut down on the historical likelihood of Force-users creating families that produce more Force-users. For a really long time it seemed like both groups were extremely dependent on just finding and training Force-sensitives being born randomly throughout the galaxy to non-Force-sensitive parents, and yet that didn't really prevent some of those Jedi and Sith from ending up being extremely powerful.
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