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Originally Posted by Slowpokeking View Post
But sadly Hux is the most competent named character of FO. Phasma, Ren and Snoke are all jokes.
Hux was better in the first movie.

The only thing that I really liked about Hux in this movie was it's pretty damn clear that he has no love for Ren, and if Ren didn't have the Force, Hux would put him out of his misery.

Which is something that I want to see played up in the next movie. It's clear while Ren thinks that he is SL, Hux is looking more as being a co-leader since there is no way if Snoke was still leading instead of Ren that Hux would be countermanding and questioning every single order that Snoke gave.

Originally Posted by Eterna View Post
I’m happy people on here seem to enjoy the movie for the most part. I’m going to see it next week and the internet had me convinced it was crap.
This is a weird movie in that the critics absolutely love it. But the general public is going meh, or slight above meh in it. Normally a movie like this the critics hate or meh it while the public goes full on love for it.

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
Obviously they are the reincarnations of The Sister and The Brother.
Go further back than them and you'll be at the right mark.

It’s implied that Ren and Rey are opposites. It’s like the force made Rey to counter Kylo. They’re both Anakin in a way.
Makes me wonder what role Snoke had to play in that since it was he who connected the two of them. Did he make a connection that was already there, or did he just make a new connection?
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