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Originally Posted by Insane Guy of Doom View Post
There's also Gorak Tul, the Drust king. He has a unique model (it uses vrykul animations) so he's probably our best bet at what drust looked like (though given he's got rotted skin and branches growing out of his head and arm it's hard to say how close he is in apperance to a regular living drust).
That's an amazing model. He looks just like a Vrykul. The branches thing would be just from the undead state, and not natural. Maybe "Drust" is the name of a "nation", not of a race?

Changing the subject, apparently it has been datamined that Gazlowe is going to be part of a Horde affiliated NPC team in the Island Expeditions... What does that mean for the Steamwheedle Cartel's supposed neutrality?

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