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Originally Posted by Timolas View Post

The chief of the villagers remains on his knees as he surveys his king Menethil.
"Liege, what is the penalty for paganism? Will you have mercy if we confess?"
Everyone knows Sherman's hatred of pagans, and it is clear they fear him.

The Archbishop moves to whisper in the king's ear.
"King Menethil, it is my will that these men die if they are guilty. However, it would be wise to see what they know first. I have heard that Maximus Krowl is moving to take Andorhal from his base in Hearthglen. If he does, your grain distribution centre will be lost, and Lordaeron will be cut in half."
You are all of Lordaeronian stock, born and raised in the care of our great nation. Your duty should be to your fatherland instead of some false idols whose followers are trying bring damnation to us all! Show once in your life the respect this nation deserves, and say the truth.

I will spare your life if you tell me everything you know about the pagan movements in my kingdom, especially anything about Maximus Krowl.