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I send one of my most trustworthy messengers to one of my contacts in the wetlands [which should be even more dangerous and swampy then in WoW because the dam isn't build yet]. He will give the contact a letter wich says that he has to give the letter to one of the local bandit lords I know and that this bandit should attack Silverbeard and his men and that he gains the taxmoney as payment as long as Silverbeard and some of his bodyguards survive. In the letter is also the date on which they should attack.

Simultaneous I send one of my fastest and at least a bit trustworthy messengers to the dwarven squad that is nearest to the wetlands and strong enough to defeat the bandits. Officialy they are sent to protect Silverbeard but I command the messenger that he has to time the message so that the squad only arrives after the attack has already begun and a big part of Silverbeards men are dead.