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OOC: Okay, let me pretend some conversation with an advisor.

THAUMAS: May the gods of the sea be with you, Grand Vizier.
VIZIER: May them be with you too, my lord. What is your wish?
THAUMAS: You see... I've heard a lot about this new religion spreading around the folk. This... cult of Holy Light. They seem to become more and more dangerous as the time is going. I want to know everything about them. For the beginning... what kind of god do they worship?
VIZIER: Most of them do not worship any specific kind of god. They're more about philosophy, denying actual worship to the gods of old.
THAUMAS: They're denying existence of gods?
VIZIER: That's not the case. They acknowledge their existence, but refuse to worship them, as they say gods cannot help them in salvation, nor stand in their way to it. Thus, they do not worship neither deny our gods.
THAUMAS: How gods cannot help in salvation? Only by our pure devotion, we may reach afterlife by their side.
VIZIER: They do not share our beliefs in this. They seek something more than merely a place to rest their souls on eternal joy. They believe that by their devotion to the Light, they can unite with it in the afterlife and reach the state of perfect happiness.
THAUMAS: Well... I guess that's not so bad. So what's the problem with them?
VIZIER: Because it's a theory. In practice, they're hunting for "pagan" - as they call us - children and forcefully convert them to their faith, blocking them from their ancestral gods. In fact, they're enemies of the gods. Their true goal is to make people believe only in their... "Light".
THAUMAS: Look... I don't want to be... intolerant. I want to really see with someone important of their community and discuss some things. Give him my guarantee that he'll not be hurt in my court, whatever he'll say.
VIZIER: As you wish, my lord. I shall bring one before sunset.

OOC: I hope you meant something along those lines.