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Come up with your Character. Why is he/she in a mercenary company? What does he/she get out of it? You kill for a living, is it your duty, your passion, or are you simply desensitised from your violent everyday?
My character joined the mercenary company because of his lack of prospects, but not because of his lack of skill. Famine and infighting in his homeland led to his exodus to lands of more fertile opportunity. Disliked and distrusted due to his nature, he found the mercenary company to be sufficiently egalitarian. He sees the mercenary company as a source of companionship, entertainment, and loot. Killing to him is second nature. He does not find it ideal, but enjoys it with a detached and businesslike nature. He would never kill a friend, but does not remember having any.

Consider your character's Region of origin. Where is it located? On the great island in the west, by the mountains? by the sea? In the south, close to the neighbouring nation? It is small or grand, heavily cultivated or a mining colony? What is the ruling noble house? Are they disconnected from the trials of the common man or are they compassionate and fair? Are they locked into feuds with various other houses or are they trying their best to bring peace to the region once and for all?
My character is from a great keep overlooking the XXX ocean located at the northernmost point of Otticia. This keep is but one of the of many interconnected mountain strongholds in the region. Each keep belongs to a clan that is a giant extended family. These clans are regarded by other coastal regions as one of the many groups of ocean going pirates (think vikings) that have raided them for years. This is not completely false. They are good drinking buddies to their few friends and barbaric pillagers to everyone else. The death of their candidate for High King caused the clans to turn on each other, leading to resource mismanagement and famine, along with a fast cultural decline. Previously united by a ruler that wanted to use his spoils to unite Otticia, the clans now bicker and the possibility for reprisal by other regions previously raided by them is very real.

Discuss among you what kind of Mercenary Company you all work for. Is it a band of brigands and opportunits, ready to do the dirty work of the nobles? A former unit in a noble army whose province was lost in a civil war? Or is it simply the result of a region stuck in perpetual wars, leaving orphans with no choice but to fight in the next war to earn a livelihood?
Whatever is good.

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You don't really need a character sheet, but a general format could go along the lines of:
Name: Tjeb Eshinhelm
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 30ish
Physical description: Blond hair, grey eyes, too skinny to sensibly be that muscular; A ghoulish viking, someone who has spent their days underground and their nights on a long-ship
Likes: Friends, loot, seriousness, honor, swords, smiling, booze, knots, boats, underground buildings, looting Thurn, burning towers
Dislikes: Weakness, nonsense, undue cruelty, a lack of looting, well-built towers
Fears: The death of his clan, the shattering of his dreams
Best memories in life: Their former king's plan to loot the entire world
Goals in life: Uniting the clans once again and becoming High King... right after some booze... and some sword-looting... tomorrow
Birthplace: Gottamsteg Keep, Ghulheim
Position in the mercenary company: Swordsman, sailor, engineer
^Ignored again.

Okay. It is cool.

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It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
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