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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
Cantus why did you remove:

"New folks are advised to word their posts carefully lest they invoke the wrath of the xenophobic loremasters. "Teh leet" is an enemy to all life."

It was a pretty good informative text . Also, no need to create a 100% serious page; it's a fansite page, and we can add some humor.
We're not xenophobic, not all of us are loremasters, and "The leet" would confuse anyone and everyone who's not used to our opinions (even with the linked explanation). Keep in mind who's reading the page, because otherwise we end up looking like racist close-minded assholes.

A better statement would be, "New members are encouraged to research lore themselves as simple questions like "Who is Grom?" aren't looked kindly upon." And "They also see the death of well known or in/famous characters for epic loot as a waste of lore."

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