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Chiefly, what I envision for Scrolls of Lore is a fansite frontend, more akin to BlizzardWatch and BlizzPro, which would include the following:

1. Blog content, oriented around releases of story-rich content like short stories, cinematics, novels, and other relevant products in the Warcraft space, in addition to other kinds of SoL- and lore-specific content. (Examples might include a "daily headcanon" to spark conversation, highlighting notable forum discussions, and lore Q&A columns.)
2. Integration with social media (i.e. Twitter) and the Discord app to provide avenues for interaction between the SoL community and the wider gaming community.
3. Top-level links to the following sections of the site:
* the forums
* a revamped and revitalized image gallery that would showcase fan works (with appropriate attribution to the artists) in addition to official art
* a dedicated lore section that would serve a function similar to the Ultimate Visual Guide for World of Warcraft, with brief character bios and links to Wowpedia entries
* timelines, specifically in terms of game content releases and announcements, as well as releases of expanded universe materials

Obviously, this would be a lot of work to create and curate, so it would take a team of content creators to manage it all, and probably more resources going into the site's costs than we're currently investing. To address that, I also propose a Patreon that can be used to defray those costs and (hopefully) compensate content creators for their work.
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