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Originally Posted by Call of duty 1 View Post
Isn't that hypocritical to what Blader said about not forcing your opinion on somebody? For I too may have felt that Slowpoke's attitude is bad and he should feel bad?
Except that we don't label you with sexism for your opinion.

Let's move it a little on-topic and create a smexy straw man:

"WHAT? You dare like Lordaeron? The source of all bitching and whinings?! You are not a true Warcraft fan, liking Lordaeron and adhering to its holier-than-thoud ideals. All True Warcraft Fans hate Lordaeron and its whining halo. You can't like Lordaeron for anything other then whyning, which makes you a false warcraft fan and a whiner."

Should have probably done this with Knaak, but I believe one can get the message.

1) Adhering to some principle/ideology doesn't stop you from liking other things.

2) Just because in your opinion something is bad, doesn't mean everyone thinks the same.

3) Just because you found out some subtext part that makes a work be seen in negative light regarding socio-political stuff (sexist/racist/whatever), doesn't mean that everyone who enjoys the work subscribes to said socio-political platform. In fact, maybe it's just you who reads too much into it.
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