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I will always remember when I was younger I was in elementary school they took me out of the normal science classes and put me into the advanced ones. They hammered down Galileo's battles with the church and the Monkey Scope's Trial pretty hard. To an adolescence this was very influential and I felt very anti-religious. I basically throw a fit to not go to church anymore even though my mother worked as a Sunday school teacher. This advanced class I was put in made me feel above my peers and I would argue with some of the more religious kids. I couldn't believe there was any reason for someone to be religious other than the fact that they were stupid.

It wasn't really until I got older that I had any sort of positive influence from religion. I might some really nice people that were religious. I felt like they were more like me than your militant atheists. It was like tribalism without the assorted rituals or charity. There is this weird pop culture science associated with it even from people who have never taken a science class before but think hating religion is close enough. As someone who is STEM the two concepts don't seem like substitutes for one another. Science and math helps me build things and solve problems. Religion is more for community, fulfillment, and happiness.
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