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I know a bunch of veteran cops. Pretty much comes with the territory of my job as I work around them a lot.

Most of them said they would have fired as well had the suspect started to bring their hands down behind their back like Shaver did after being told multiple times not to.

They all, however, agreed that the commands were stupid and it should have never gotten to that point. Police are trained to de-escalate a situation if it can be helped, and procedure is for the suspect to lay face down and have one officer cuff them while the other covers them both. Not whatever the fuck power trip and escalation happened here. This whole thing could have been avoided(starting with Shaver not doing something as stupid as pointing a gun-like object at a hotel window), but it's a sad truth that there are some guys out there like Brailsford who slip past the radar. Everything about his history indicates he should have never been a cop.

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