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While hardly canon, I tend to feel like Void is most often used in reference to the darkness "beyond" normal existence, from whence the Void Lords, Old Gods and other things come that don't really belong in the physical universe. I.e. the Void as a "place" and the power associated with it.

Whereas Shadow strikes me more as reference to the inherent darkness that exists as part of everything in physical reality, in tandem with Light. I.e. the "native," ambient Void that's a balanced and necessary part of existence.

In that sense while darkness in the Void would be absolute for lack of anything else, darkness that's part of physical reality would be Shadow because it exists being shaped and contrasted by Light.

So while void elves are exposed to the whispers and other hazards of the dark denizens of the Void when they delve into their power, when a warlock or shadowmage or necromancer tosses a shadowbolt, they're basically using their own power (fel, arcane or necromancy) to shape and project the natural darkness that exists around them.

Kinda like how mages can use the elements; the elements basically exist in a fundamental sense everywhere in physical reality, so the arcane power sort of grabs onto those omnipresent elemental forces suffusing the mages' surroundings and shapes them into firebolts, frost novas, etc.

But that's just my theory. I suspect the Devs may not have any such specific connotations in mind; it's probably just two similar terms they can use interchangeably to reference the same thing without it sounding quite as repetitive.
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