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I do think the Worgen should have seen Silverpine questing. It remains one of the most engaging questing zones in the game. Worgen and Forsaken really go hard at one another with a lot of turns and upsets in the struggle. Though perhaps the worgen side is more fun since they actually have to be clever and the Forsaken brute force their way through things because the PC is a Mary Sue. Buuut even that is not glaring since a lot of those quests end up with you being thwarted, culminating in the Fall of Saigon-like collapse of the Gilnean front, after all those flubs it does feel great when the PC smashes through the enemy at last.

Besides the worgen players being able to see this, and based on the way the zone story is designed as well as early Cata plans they were supposed to, it helps with a greater story narrative. It would involve the Alliance having a presence in all Lordaeron zones to an extent, and their goal is nothing short of taking back their home now that the Lich King menace is over. Ofc the Forsaken disagree on whose home it is and inevitably conflict ensues across all of the zones.

Obviously the issue was zone balance. Which looking back on it now wasn't that much of an issue. Even if Alliance was allowed to quest there it would take nothing away from the Horde, some pride perhaps. Though obviously it would be best if Blizz did the difficult but correct choice of just adding more Horde zones too, I think working undercover to cause rebellion in Westfall, messing things up in Darkshire and from there going either to Stranglethorn or the east coast where the Horde would have a more over presence in Swamp of Sorrows, Redridge, Searing Gorge and that other fiery place, this also gives a better Horde link to the Blasted Lands.
This setup allows for two lore developments too, a closer integration with Blackrock orcs now that they are out of the influence of Rend and the black dragons and a greater Alliance investment into Lordaeron which could lead to them starting the BfA war which would have worked out much better than "oh we are gonna tease that the start of the war is ambigious but actually it is 100% Sylvanas being evil as everyone thought, kek."
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