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Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
It can't work here because the right insists on using it to disenfranchise voters. There's a reason why they refuse to allow things like student IDs and library cards to be used.
Because those can be very easily faked, replicated, or otherwise used to cheat the system.

It becomes increasingly obvious when you find that voter fraud is something that almost never happens.
Tell that to Al Franken. It is always a "small" problem, because that is how it succeeds. It only needs to shift a few hundred votes, or even a few dozen, as even one vote over your opponent in a district will allow you to claim it.

That is why utmost security is essential: we cannot allow a rot of fraud to become so commonplace that it destroys any trust in voting, otherwise we might as well go full Roman Empire.

It's clearly not about election security since republicans want our elections as insecure as possible.
>Republicans are evil racists who want to tighten all of our Voter ID laws in order to "disenfranchize" POCs!
>Republicans want to get rid of Voter ID in order to allow Russia to put in puppets!

You can't have it both ways, as they are contradictory. Oh, and, of course, the scaremongering is based on "muh Russia collusion" narrative, that was utterly disproven and thrown into the bin.

So we have a party claiming they want to secure elections to prevent something that almost never happens and has been shown to reduce voter turnout in their favor, but they also definitely don't care about election security. What does that say to you?
That your position is utterly self-contradictory, and makes no sense? The whole "racist Voter ID laws" are a leftist boogeyman, designed to allow the Democrats to allow Illegal Aliens to vote, and turn the entire country into a one-party dictatorship. A con game.

Originally Posted by Darth Baras
A blind, deaf, comatose, lobotomy patient could feel MY ANGER!
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The next time you feel like you're about to be triggered, put the barrel in your mouth.
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