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Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
If you're concerned about fraud, go after election fraud. It's rampant in this country but the right refuses to do anything about it because they're the ones committing it.
Nope. The only ones that are backing it, are leftists like you. Illegal Aliens getting to vote would allow the Progressives to turn the USA in it's entirety into San Francisco, like what the Left is trying to do in Texas.

It's a good thing that's not at all what I said. You're very close to pointing out the actual problem, though. Our elections are extremely insecure and republicans refuse to do anything about it except enact legislation to "solve" what is essentially a nonissue.
It's not a "nonissue" at all. You can't have it both ways. You can't have "muh Russia Collusion" and "Trump stealing the election", while also saying it's a "nonissue", while also claiming it's evil and "racist".

The United States is under attack by Russia. There is no denying this.
That source is not trustworthy, as NPR is a leftist propaganda mill. Russia is an enemy, that is true. But we aren't currently at war with them. Oh, and you are leaving out that the ones who started the whole "Russians subverting our Democracy" was the Clinton Campaign and their allies in Russia.

You don't even know how voter registration and voting itself works in my country, do you?
"In my country"? Kek. I'm also American, Leftist. I can't speak to whatever Left-wing shithole State you are from, Kak, but I can speak to personal standards here in Eastern Washington:
I can do a write-in ballot, and deliver it by mail. My name, SSID, and other personal information, are checked by the voting staff so that I receive a ballot to begin with.

Note that I consider this to be too damn loose, and it needs to made more rigid. People should be required to show up, in person, and display their SSID and ID card (or, for first time voters, sign up there right before voting, which would include background checks).

Voter registration is far too loose in most States, it needs to be tighter. It often just requires a picture ID.

Can you explain how you think these "illegal alien" boogeymen are voting in federal elections?
Because they just roll up and ask for it, or Democrats force them in. Take a nice, long look at Sanctuary Cities for how that works.

And you're backwards yet again. Republican voter disenfranchisement and consolidation of power is sending us careening into a right-wing one-party dictatorship despite what your right-wing rag there might say. Did you know that the republican SCOTUS ruled gerrymandering legal?
If the "gerrymandering" boogeyman was real, why do Democrats constantly make use of it?

Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
It's a US News opinion piece that links to a WSJ opinion piece that links to a debunked "report" about the number of felons who illegally voted in the election from a conservative watchdog group, which was circulated by rightwing media.
Same case with anything you link, Genesis. There is no such thing as "unbiased". Franken cheated, and if your only response is "B-b-but Republican lies!", then it is clear you have nothing.

And to prove your point you link to another poorly-written op-ed piece from a conservative re-blogging website?
And all of your "proof" for "racism" and "suppression" comes from racial victim hood organizations (like the NAACP), that exist solely to put out retarded conspiracy theories about "voter suppression" in order to gin up fears of a bunch of invisible Klansmen, which helps increase the amount of donations they get.

If Republicans showed signs of "good faith" about voter ID laws and sought to make them accessible to every eligible voter, then I would have far less of an issue. However, in the face of contrary evidence, as is the case with my home state, then I am more concerned with the "rot of disenfranchisement" and the "rot of racism" masquerading as concern about the "rot of fraud." It does not so much destroy my trust in voting, but my trust in Republican lawmakers to create fair, good, and just laws for the common good of all voting citizens.
There is no "racism". If there were, Barack Obama wouldn't have gotten an insane amount of black votes, as black turnout was higher than white turnout in 2012. And there's this: 24 million voter registrations found to be illegal, invalid, fraudulent, or other small errors.

Originally Posted by Darth Baras
A blind, deaf, comatose, lobotomy patient could feel MY ANGER!
Originally Posted by Shadowordfun
The next time you feel like you're about to be triggered, put the barrel in your mouth.

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