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Originally Posted by Ganishka View Post
Same case with anything you link, Genesis. There is no such thing as "unbiased". Franken cheated, and if your only response is "B-b-but Republican lies!", then it is clear you have nothing.
I am not claiming that unbiased links exists. I am pointing out that you were linking a conservative op-ed piece that linked to a conservative op-ed piece that linked to a report from a conservative watchdog group that was later debunked by investigators into the election. So we are not even talking about actual journalism. (Op-ed are opinion pieces.) It was just a rabbit hole of conservative fearmongering about a preliminary report that you failed to do any follow-up research into.

You are asserting that Franken cheated without actually providing any solid evidence. The link pertains to the unfounded assertion that Franken won the election as a result of felons illegally voting. Felons illegally voting does not make a Franken a cheater. It means that the votes cast by those voters are invalid and that those individuals committed a crime. Incidentally, follow-up investigations into that report reveal that the supermajority of those accusations were false, including a fair number of cases of people voting who had the same name as felons. But this would require, of course, that you would have bothered doing follow-up research into the click bait you fall for. It's not like you have a valid excuse. We are not caught up in Al Franken's 2008 election or the recounting. It has been 10 years since. So it's not like other sources with more up-to-date information didn't exist.

And all of your "proof" for "racism" and "suppression" comes from racial victim hood organizations (like the NAACP), that exist solely to put out retarded conspiracy theories about "voter suppression" in order to gin up fears of a bunch of invisible Klansmen, which helps increase the amount of donations they get.
It comes from actual facts, sources, and history, mate. We don't have to talk about any notions of "invisible Klansmen," just actual US policies.

What I also love about this link is how it also repeats, almost ad nauseum, how these added voter ID laws are a waste of time and money.

If there were, Barack Obama wouldn't have gotten an insane amount of black votes, as black turnout was higher than white turnout in 2012.
I don't think that this single incident somehow disproves a lack of racism when it comes to voting rights, laws, and suppression across elections. It's similar to how people declared that racism must be over since a black man was elected president. Yes, voter turnout was greater among blacks when the first black presidential candidate for a major political party in United States history was on the ticket in 2012. Also water is wet.

Part of the problem though is that this is about voter registration and lists but not about votes cast. For example, from the link, "2 million Americans who had died were still on the books as active voters." Chances are these people won't illegally vote, though election fraud happens in their name. But what about these groups:
It also found that nearly 2.75 million people were registered in more than one state, and that 12 million records had incorrect addresses or other errors.
As per your link, this is not some sort of vast conspiracy, it's mostly clerical and bureaucratic errors or people messing up on forms. How many people who are registered in more than one state are aware of that fact? How many of those people actually voted in different state elections? (FYI, being registered in multiple states is not a crime, though double-voting usually is. Double-voting is rare, but not unheard of.)

I suspect that most of this is benign, a result of bureaucratic inefficiencies, errors, and up-to-date information, as well as misconceptions from voters themselves. This is pretty clear from your link:
Becker attributed these numbers to the fact that people generally had misconceptions about voter registration. He said that 25 percent believed their registration updated automatically when they changed addresses, and that 50 percent didn't know they could register at Department of Motor Vehicle sites.

"If someone's moved, their voter registration is not up to date. Mail is going out to the wrong places [or] getting returned," Becker said. "There are lines at the polls because someone's name can't be found," he said, and voter registration inaccuracy "creates problems all the way down the entire process. It drives up costs."
What your link fails to say or establish anywhere is that these voter registration includes a significant number of illegal aliens. Also, nowhere does it suggest that somehow voter ID solves this issue. If I move to a new state, register to vote there without realizing that I'm still registered in my old state, and vote in my new state's election using my SSID card then I'm not sure how voter ID actually solves the issue you are yapping about.

I don't think that people are opposed to cleaning up the registration lists for up-to-date records, though it should be done carefully such that actual eligible voters are not wrongfully removed from registration lists, which has been known to happen.

I sometimes get the feeling that you are linking things without actually critically reading them past the headline.

Originally Posted by Ganishka View Post
Outside of them not being legal citizens, not giving a damn about this country or it's history, and illegals only coming here to leech off of taxpayers (note that this includes legal immigrants), sure. It's just "scaremongering".
I'm not sure how any of this has much actual basis or grounding in reality. I knew a number of people who were in the process of legally immigrating to the US, who couldn't vote but wanted to vote (though didn't yet) precisely because they cared about this country and its history.

Also, many studies indicate that immigrants actually aren't anymore of a leech off of taxpayers than other citizens for a variety of reasons. A big one being the comparative number of years where a citizen is effectively a dependent, costs of education, etc.

I'm sure Caesar told the same BS to the Romans when he packed the Roman Senate with puppets.
Illegal citizens are serving in Congress now?

San Francisco is a shithole because of Leftist politics, not in spite of them: it is the end result of Left-wing welfare crap and victim hood identity politics. The Antifa mobs, drug needles, armies of poor people, shit on streets, and typhoid fever are just bonuses. It is because those "tech bros" vote Democrat, and because they do enact their "progressive" talk.

It's just that the end result isn't a glorious paradise of equality and tolerance, but a Hobbesian nightmare Hellscape. You see the same things in Caracas, Venezuela, but with more starvation.
I strongly suspect that you're talking entirely out of your ass with little actual knowledge or experience of the policies or issues facing San Francisco and the Bay Area.

No, no. Both sides do it. It is an unstoppable, and entirely natural, outcome of living in a Republic. The Romans had to deal with the same stuff, 2,000 years ago. Why should we be any different?
So do you want to stop gerrymandering or are you advocating for the situation to remain unchanged because it's "unstoppable, and entirely natural"?

I'm not sure why you keep bringing up Rome? Are you on a Rome fix? Have you been listening to white supremacists and white nationalists like Black Pigeon and Stefan Molyneux who use the fall of Rome as their false equivalences as claims about a supposed "fall" of (white) Euro-America?

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