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Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
I'm not sure why you keep bringing up Rome? Are you on a Rome fix? Have you been listening to white supremacists and white nationalists like Black Pigeon and Stefan Molyneux who use the fall of Rome as their false equivalences as claims about a supposed "fall" of (white) Euro-America?
Ooh, can we transition discussion back to "Fallout Pacifica: Sheltered Harbor", the hit new game that has historians questioning whether the post-apocalyptic Hawaiian Empire (which still rules by the U.S. Constitution and retains the name United States of America) can still be considered American?

Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
Change your example a little. All of the U.S. is conquered except Hawaii and Guam. Hawaii and Guam proceed to flourish. Also the common language becomes Hawaiian and/or Chamorro. Maybe they even reconquer California (i.e. part of America), but only for a brief period, and the nation's power and culture remain centered in Hawaii the full time.

How messed up would we be, to keep calling our Hawaii and Guam nation "the United States of America" for centuries longer? When historians referred to the Americans, would we expect them to be speaking about us, or some different nation on the American continents?

Didn't it become a new nation at some point? Wouldn't the next Paradox or Sid Meier mark the two as different?
Originally Posted by Saranus View Post
Hey, don't you dare forget the US Marshall Islands, American Samoa, and the Aleutians when you talk about forming up these Pacific States of America.

Presumably if America's mainland has been conquered, we are now living in a post-Nuclear apocalypse situation. Without prewar technology, the Pacific Americans have become extraordinary seafarers using the stars, currents, and weather patterns to navigate among all their island territories like the Pacific Islanders of old.

Shit. Now I want a maritime Fallout like a post-apocalyptic Wind Waker.
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