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Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post
Hasn't this already been done with Chronicle? Turning Arcane from this weird dangerous "fire that you mortals do not understand" (thx Archimonde) into a universally good force associated with the Titans was already a punch in the gut. At least my idea of "fel kills demons for real" has proven to be more or less correct, but now Fel is the anitthesis to Arcane, wtf?
Chronicle never really did that, it still described arcane as innately volative, requiring intense precision and concetration to wield it. Plus, arcane as the language of Order predates Chronicle by a long bit. It's just that Chronicle clarified a mess existing since Warcraft III (even Warcraft III's manual differentiated between the arcane magic of the Kirin Tor and warlock magics of the Eredar), it just clarified it in a very boring and mechanical way.

Nonetheless, even if it was exactly as you say, I'd say it pales in comparison to the changes TBC and Shadowlands wrought upon the setting.
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