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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Forgot the name, you know the one that ships Thrall and Jaina and remembers Ner'zul and Arthas were supposed to merge

Just a fancy way of saying that I don't think Thrall x Jaina is ever happening.
The whole Thrall x Jaina thing is a bad fanfiction trope. It's the same as the Raynor/Kerry disaster. It's really sexist.

Jaina is the only female character of note who interacts with Thrall in any meaningful fashion, so obviously fans are going to ship them despite them lacking any relationship beyond mere acquaintances. Just because a female character exists doesn't mean she has to be paired up with the male character who she has the most dialogue with.

I hate the whole concept of shipping. It idealizes and promotes extremely unhealthy and unrealistic views of human relationships. There's no such thing as a one true love, soulmate, or whatever the trend is. Building relationships is just like any other skill: you're going to have to go through multiple relationships to understand how relationships work.
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