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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
The defining characteristic of being a druid seems to be specifically interaction with the Emerald Dream. Hence ancient human practitioners of the "old ways" weren't actually true druids, ancient yaungol and tauren who learned about Nature around them from Cenarius weren't true druids, and trolls weren't druids until Gonk introduced the Darkspears to the Dream, despite how much their shadow hunters and voodoo already seemed to overlap into Nature magic.

So no, the Sentinels wouldn't be druids, because they don't protect Nature by entering and communing with the Emerald Dream, while the druids protect Nature by doing that very thing.
There are many druids who never entered the Emerald Dream, namely troll, centaur and broken druids, and High Botanist Freywinn.

Separating the Sentinels from the druids is pointless to me because the elves are inherently attuned to nature in a magical way. The average night elf is more druid-like than some other druids who actually have the title.

At the very least, the question is poorly worded because "druids" are not the alternative to The Sentinels; druids are a class, like hunters and priests, that are included in The Sentinels. Therefore, to speak of The Sentinels is to speak of druids, and hunters and everyone else in their ranks. The OP could ask about Nighthaven or the Cenarion Circle instead, but that would be pointless because obviously The Sentinels are more "iconic" than those organizations.

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