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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
The point is the Forsaken hasn't gotten a comeuppance suiting their atrocities. And this is while being easily down there with the Scourge. Not even the Orcs are like them.
I feel this is the big point of contention. You seem to think they need to have a karmic payback... but is Warcraft a story where that is a thing? Now we can argue if Warcraft is a story where cosmic justice prevails or a more grey one where shit just happens but to me it seems quite clear Kyalin (and I) fall on the grey side and so we don't care if the Forsaken get their comeupance if the story is consistent and makes sense and hence the misunderstanding.

Note I am just pointing out what I think the major disagreement is, I don't want to go defending Blizzard's ability to write a believable story... mainly because I don't think they are capable of writing such a story.
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