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Originally Posted by Kyalin V. Raintree View Post

Warcraft III and the initial iterations of World of Warcraft did get us closer to grey iterations of the world, especially once we moved away from the Burning Legion and started into Frozen Throne, Vanilla WoW, etc. I could gush about that, but Blizzard did it before, and the comparative numbers both between Warcraft 1/2 and 3 sales, and between Pre-Cata and Post-Wrath subscriptions can help to demonstrate what people prefer.
Not to burst down your bubble there kiddo, but correlation does not imply causation, so unless you have a direct proof that the switch from a more grounded and amoral setting of Warcraft I/II to a more idealistic and heroic setting of Warcraft III was behind the increase of sales, this is nothing but a wild conjecture. Or are you trying to tell me that Diablo III's thrice as large sales compared to Diablo II happened due to the change of the atmosphere and thematics, even though this change has been until this day one of the largest points of criticism?
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