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The first parts of your post just seem to be more objections to forming and presenting theories based on correlations in the absence of other information. I don't think they add anything that we haven't already discussed.

On your point regarding Cataclysm box sales however, I would be cautious about using box sales as your metric when subscription data is available. Subscription data tells us more about how the audience reacts to and continues to want to pay for content, and dampens the effects that marketing and brand equity would have on pure box sales.

(Edit: I can buy some of the reasons you put down for the subscription drop, but they don't explain the continued decline in through MoP, where a lot of those issues were... I wouldn't say corrected, but addressed.)

That's one of the reasons I don't like using Warcraft III by itself as an example. Substantial portions of those sales come from Warcraft II fans, and that's before we consider that if the game flopped, the sales numbers probably still would have been higher - not necessarily true for the next title if it flopped. But we also know that it didn't flop, and we know how successful that next title, which counts Warcraft III's direction heavily in it's foundation, turned out.

If you're looking for a counterexample, I'd sooner bring up WoD. That did see a spike in sales (and for a bit: subscriptions) explicitly catered to the Warcraft I and II crowd, and then declined after that marketing effect met the realities of a product that wasn't really given a fair chance.

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