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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post

Some of the unit/building descriptions in the WC3 manual are groundbreaking. (And some are travesties.)

If I want to get a feel for Thrall's innovation in transforming the Horde, I go straight to the descriptions for Burrow, War Mill, Altar of Storms, Blademaster, Catapult, Grunt, and parts of Raider. It helps if you read the thing with a tone of pro-Thrallic propaganda, of course.

Take that over Golden, even LotC.
I've had a bit of a question over this sort of thing, actually.

I have read complaints that in Warcraft III, the orcs abandoned more industrial themes. Do you believe this is because of Thrall taking the Horde in a different direction, or is merely a reflection of their state of being post Second war migrants lacking a country of their own?
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