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Night Elves unilaterally decide to cut their losses and abandon the sinking ship that is Kalimdor. Fuck it, the Horde can have it. It's all broken in half and on fire anyways.

Having taken refuge in Stormwind, the Night Elves look to nearby regions to move into and inhabit. And those Gurubashi Trolls to the south are probably too weak to fight back, what with the decades of being invaded and continuously defeated. The thick jungles of Stranglethorn Vale will suit the Elves just fine. It's not too different from their former home; there's trees, there's cats, there's magic.

So they set up shop in Zul'Gurub. It's free real estate, basically. And there are a buncha temples and shrines just waiting to be recycled and used, Mother Mooning them up a bit. And the nearby Horde encampment will probably not be too much of a problem either. That settlement is a glorified zeppelin tower built from sticks. All it takes is one wave of flaming arrows and that place is royally fucked.
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