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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
It's that I don't really feel that urban life suits them. In Warcraft 3, their buildings were trees who could uproot themselves and move half the base to another location. I kinda like the idea of the Night Elves being nomads.
No. The things you see in the RTS game are ancients and you use them as part of your military operations, it doesn't mean in anyway they are or were nomads. The only time they lived in some kind of "hidden life" was when they were at war with the satyrs 7,000 years ago (they used to live in raynewood and moved because satyrs and demons outnumbered them)

But after that war they solidified as a sedentary society. In warcraft III multiplayer game you have moonwells and the hunters lodge, these are not transportable buildings. I also want you to remember how they had a big prison system guarded by watchers or the fact they literally had villages that were being destroyed by naga. They had big villages (for rts standard) and even had a harbor city (Nendis) , they even got assets for houses and misc stuff in tft.

They need an actual new city because night elves are not "savage" as civilization, grom called them savage maybe because the way they fight or dress. But their simple way of life is only by choice. They're still the same pre-sundering elves, just changed their culture because they wanted so, not because they can't do better or can't live in cities. They always lived in cities and towns.

I think a new nelf capital would need a district for every group, a terrace for sentinels, a temple of the moon for the priestess, a magic district for highborne (could be like old empire themed, greek styled like the temple of the moon), a warden zone with warden architecture and themes (rogues could be there). The tree zone could be for druids, then the civillian zone with the classic night elf houses. The only thing im not sure is if adding a illidari small zone, as an embassy or they wanting to gain trust of nelf society.

But, I think, night elves deserve and need a new capital. I highly doubt blizzard would do it given the treatment they give to night elves, but eh, I can dream.

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