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Any opinions and suggestions are welcomed, also questions are welcomed since they help me think justifications and improve the entry as a whole.
Your English is not the best, and your syntax is an odd mix of esoteric and poor. You use big words and then seem to trip over them, while messing up the smaller ones too. It is not clear to me what you are going for in several sentences.

Silicate Dream-Eaters(Probably needs better name)
Crystal dream-eaters? All the fun of being mostly/exactly the same without the awkward. My suggestion, anyway.

They have four known stages: Newborn, Child, Adolescent and Adult.
The development stages are fine.

As a Newborn they have no will of their own and instead move naturally to the whims of the Emerald Dream. That is until they find one of three memories required as these will be the most important for how they develop. However they are unable to consume them until they reach the Childhood stage. Once a Newborn obtains all three it will start collecting new memories and eat the old ones.
For the newborn stage, if they have "no will of their own and instead move naturally to the whims of the Emerald Dream," how do they hunt? Are you going for a sentience/sapience discrepancy again, or does the Emerald Dream move them where they need to go, or do they obtain memories randomly, or what?

You say "That is until." This implies something stops or starts. What changes when they find the first of the three initial memories? If it only eats them when it finds all three, then what prompts the change?

However when they reach the Adult stage is when they begin to behave like a society, fighting, talking and crafting items. But it's not a real society, it is a mockery of one, behaving much like children trying to enact a play. The fight are no more than a carefully choreographed dance. The speech is no more than rambling gibberish without any coherent thoughts behind it. And the results of their crafts will remain in storages and dumps never to be used. The only real benefit the Dream-eaters seem to gain from these interactions is that they trade the memories that currently orbit their heads.

While they simulate a full sapient beings at this stage they aren't one, and the Green Dragons suspect that there is another stage which will be.
I do not see the point of their modular and random nature. They constantly gather and consume a new triad of memories, switching out their personalities, abilities, and appearances, only to use these things in a non-sapient pantomime? Their only benefit is trading temporary attributes with each other?

Ephemeral and dream-like things have their place, but what is the plot with these guys? You have a hook there with the possible extra stage, but if a group of them were encountered in Warcraft, what would they be besides generic things to kill? At least make them interesting things to kill.

Dream-eaters are a recent species, with their genesis strangely coinciding with the creation of Lycanthoth and Nemesis in Hyjal. Which leaves many suspecting they have a eldritch origin.

However only recently have they started growing out of the Newborn stage, much like they were unable to collect all types of memories until the Battle of Theramore. From their birth they always had access to memories of Growth, suggesting that the births of the Dark Ancients are responsible for not only their birth but their ability to adiquire them.

Memories of Strife started appearing around their heads sometime after the death of Deathwing. However the contents of these memories shows that the most probable reason was the gradual increase of pet battling for sport among adventurers.

However memories of Lust only started shortly before the battle of Theramoore. Although most don't know the reason, those that had their presence in that battle and survived suspect that it's somehow related to Jaina's sordid, and quite obvious, affair with the Blue Dragon Kalec.
The particular events that prompted their ability to harvest each type of dream are a bit odd. Why would pet battling and Jaina's fling resonate through the Emerald Dream so much?
^Ignored again.

Okay. It is cool.

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It'd be nice if they actually finally gave us things they cut or under utilized 10 years ago.
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