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- Night elves will be forced to withdraw from Kalimdor due to some timely excuse of a global threat. We'll learn long after the fact from a dev tweet or some other low-key source that the elves were the canonical winners of the battle for Darkshore and totally held the place for all of 5 minutes.

- Aided by Gallywix' cannon, Sylvanas successfully lays siege to Stormwind City and forces Anduin to vow that his allies give up any and all claims to the lands of Kalimdor, in exchange for not burning the city down on her way out. The Kaldorei/Gilnean army arrives to the EK too late to be a part of any of this while it's going down. They will be portrayed as apologetic for letting Stormwind down. No mention of the deal Anduin made or anyone raising hell over it is ever made.

- The Vindicaar destroys the Bilgewater Cannon after all of the above has already happened.

- Saurfang is tracked down and captured by Sylvanas' agents

- Sylvanas' faction goes on to be prominently featured in various world-saving battles against old gods and other raidbosses.

- After Azshara's defeat, Sylvanas personally uses Xal'atath to end whatever influence the old gods had over the naga and has them eagerly join the horde as an allied race, especially after she tells them of how she burned Teldrassil and how one of her warleaders personally axed Malfurion in the back.

- The Alliance version of the big naga raid is played for comedy, featuring one of the three dwarves flinging generic 'fish-face' insults but doing nothing of substance. Some joke of a bunch of anthropomorphic crustaceans no one ever heard of before joins the Alliance in thanks for ending their slavery to the naga.

- The Alliance goes on to be shown stuck trying to defend Kul Tiras from horde assaults. A particularly nasty one prompts Jaina to sacrifice herself in defense of her homeland. Her final act obliterates a horde ship that had captured Saurfang on board for some reason.

- Immediately after this, the alliance player is given a quest to look for shipwreck survivors, thus discovering Saurfang's corpse for their faction. Prophet Velen, who was on-site the entire time, is the one to give out this quest.

- Sylvanas tells everyone in the horde about Saurfang's fate. People who sided with the orc in 8.1 go on to get extra-demeaning quest dialogue for the rest of the expansion.

- The final raid of BfA is a giant ghost ship shown to be en route to attack Orgrimmar. Canonically, both factions arrive to stop it. The final boss aboard the ship is of course an undead Jaina who sings her song during the fight and is a far more polished and impressive sea-based raidboss than the naga queen ever was.

- Sylvanas is hailed as saviour of Orgrimmar in a fancy CGI ending, while the alliance get a low-budget ingame cutscene of Anduin alone paying his respects at Jaina's memorial statue in a rebuilt Stormwind City. There's a night elf refugee in the background that they totally forgot to remove from the cutscene. Anduin's pathing gets stuck on said night elf as he attempts to exit stage left, leaving him awkwardly spazzing out for the fade-to-black.

- In a "post-credits" teaser for the next expansion, N'zoth vows to do better than his Azshara or Jaina plays panned out. Now coming to all of your Apple and Android phones.

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