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A lot of the backlash was driven by sites under Sony's pay roll. Patton Oswalt was butthurt too which led more responses by his followers, and so on.
The feminism shit is but a smoke screen used for lost souls on social media while the true villains are incompetent management and the director. If you read the leaked e-mails, there's nothing more to say. Just a bunch of rich buffoons completely out of touch with reality. Hipster Spider-man breaking 2 billion. Christ.
The director said he always felt more comfortable around women as men tended to bully him. His effeminate attitude reeks in what I've read and seen about this movie. It's but a projection where female characters pay back those disgusting sexist brutes called men. A literal high school bullying revenge fantasy come to life. At least he ain't shooting up a school.
The high rating doesn't surprise me as western media is more pussified than a castrated man these days. Or maybe some (as in normal people who aren't looking for female empowerment fantasy) genuinely enjoyed the movie but I'm not gonna waste my time with it. Funny enough a common point is that Chris Hemsworth was the funniest actor in the movie. Oh the fucking irony.

It's pretty sad that people demand female centric movies, but don't care about quality as long it stars a bunch of vajayjays fighting the patriarchy. Until, maybe Captain Marvel, we're stuck with this and Wonder Woman starring Gal 'Gaza must burn' Gadot. And even for Captain Marvel I'm afraid as these days she's become a wooden dyke (heh) who looks like a trans Steve Rogers. Showing off some skin is sin. Praise Allah.

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