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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
Watched the James Rolfe video after hearing about the backlash. Yeah... people who think he's making up excuses to hide behind sexism are just wrong.

His complaint about the movie having the exact same title? Sounds made-up, right? No, it's a nerve of his. He's complained about that frequently in the past, I recall specific examples being "Rambo" and "Rocky Balboa" (which isn't exactly the same as "Rocky", but still bugged him). And those movies didn't ignore their original cast/stories, another nerve of his.

I think he said it right at the beginning: any review from him about this film will probably be a bad one, and there will already be bad reviews for it aplenty, and he doesn't want to see it anyway. So why should he pay them? I don't see a review from him on the Karate Kid movie with young Smith, either.

I get that. I still haven't seen Bay's first Ninja Turtles because its existence offended me... though I may cave on the sequel, because Young!Grackle is screaming something in my ear about Rocksteady, Bebop, Krang, and the technodrome on the big screen for the first time... AVGN was right about Secret of the Ooze -it cheated us out of the rhino and warthog!
I was browsing on twitter yesterday, and saw one of the critics who gave the movie a fresh review say "AVGN is a bad guy". Like really? I guess if James acted more like his character then maybe that'd be true, but he obviously doesn't.

And that's one of the reasons why the idea of this film being critically well-received leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It could have convinced me that it actually is a good movie worth seeing, but the fact that all the terrible people backing it feel vindicated over it just turns me off from it completely.
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