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Originally Posted by Ardeiute View Post
Going to be crass, but it's amazing that Bill lying about getting his dick sucked caused so much more pearl clutching and cries for removal, than any other single thing the current president has done. And only just now is Impeachment going to be filed.
I think that Speaker Pelosi acted because (1) rising pro-impeachement sentiment among House Dems, and, perhaps most importantly, (2) there is a much easier narrative of Constitutional illegality and impropriety in the Ukraine case for public consumption than there was for the conspiracy (in the legal sense) between Trump and Russia.

In this case there are also several key differences, one of which makes it an easier issue for Congressional Republicans to tacitly oppose President Trump, should it come to that point. (1) Trump was acting in the official capacity of the US Presidency, (2) according to the whistleblower report, Trump was abusing presidential powers for personal gain, (3) Trump was withholding funds for Ukraine that Congress had passed legislation on, and (4) again, according to the whistleblower report, staff and lawyers realized that this was an abuse of presidential power such that the White House sought to cover-up this event, including even moving the official transcript to a separate classification system. So while (1) and (2) are important for the general public, I think that point (3) will be important subtle point for career Congressional members. Trump was undermining their own power there.

Clarification: What was released by the White House was a redacted memo and not the official transcript. (Since Nixon, there are no tapes for such calls so don't expect any mystery tapes to surface.)

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