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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
It's not even that the Forsaken lack comeuppance for their behavior.

It's that their behavior has consistently failed to evoke a realistic response from their enemies or their allies. And that their activities fail to sync remotely with those of the Horde player, even if the player happens to be Forsaken as well. It creates the sense that the Horde would have welcomed Arthas with the Scourge and even Gul'dan with the Shadow Council into their ranks and let them both keep doing what they do as long as they claimed to be doing it "for the Horde."
Correct. They even did it with Gul'dan in the Second War.

The very same honorable guy who is praised by Thrall, even.

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
It's just never really made sense for the player to help with the stuff they do in places like Silverpine and Hillsbrad, then suddenly transform into a noble and upright champion of Azeroth who's staunchly against such things on principle as soon as he/she sets foot outside of Forsaken territory, then reset back to gladly committing Scourge-tier atrocities whenever the occasional decaying psychopath from the Undercity shows up as a questgiver.
Theoretically you have the option to decline those quests. And that would even make sense, given that there is no single character who solved all the problems from Vanilla to Legion. Chronicle even leads you to conclude that when distributing success across dungeons.

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Some (definitely not all, but some) Horde players frantically defend them out of a sense that as a player of an undead character they are the Forsaken themselves, but frankly none of the Horde player characters are really them, undead included. Unless you PvP and do nothing else, the undead player's actions in-game just don't sync with the sentiments or behavior of their own race. Based on 99% of the Forsaken NPCs' interactions via quests and storylines, while the undead player is a hero of the Horde protecting its civilians and saving the day, the Forsaken as a race are largely complete monsters who'd just let such people die because they don't really give a shit about doing the right thing.
I thought questlines like the Agamand one were a faithful portrait of the Forsaken identity.

Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
And the response from the rest of the Horde is to just blankly ignore it because the game mechanics prevent them from treating the Forsaken like they (and the Alliance) treat every other group in the game that behaves the way they do.
Please don't mind the dreadlord
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