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Originally Posted by Pajamasalad View Post
Or dubious consent like being under the influence of alcohol. Begging someone to have sex with you or if someone says no in the middle of sex and you continue is considered rape. Most rape is done by someone that you already know and trust.

If you are in a position of authority over someone and you try to coerce them into sexual favors it is considered rape. When I was in Technical School I talked to a female that was in a BMT flight where the instructor had sex with four of his trainees. She said "Everyone knew about it, they just didn't care." That is where she is wrong though. He took advantage of his position and preyed upon a bunch of homesick and stressed out young women. If the four were receiving special treatment it can create an environment where you feel like you have to put out for your supervisor in order to succeed and that is terrible too.

Rape is a more broad of an idea. Sneers and cat calls are annoying but there is more to rape than it not being consensual.
Dubious consent can be a grey area (What if both people are drunk? Did they rape each other?) but I suppose you're right. I do feel like there should be a different term for coercing people into sex, but rape works I guess.
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