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Doomhammer can't be blamed for leading the way he did and not making more alliances with the different human factions or other races.

The Horde is out for conquest, and the pace had to be kept up to sate their hunger. Doomhammer didn't have the luxury of the Black Dragons for plotting huge schemes. He was leading the Horde by force and example, and he wouldn't have kept his position if all he did was sit back and watch the Alliance tear itself apart from within. Considering the Orcs were already on a rampage, Doomhammer was doing a lot more than expected with bringing the Trolls, Ogres and Goblins into the Horde, something I believe wouldn't have happened if Blackhand or Gul'dan were in charge. Doomhammer's motivations are with the Horde, and he will seek out opportunities as they present themselves.

With Alterac, they simply struck a non-aggression pact so they could reach their destination to siege Capital City. They weren't looking to make Alterac a part of the Horde, or get them to fight their former masters. The Horde has no interest in getting the enemy to destroy themselves, their motivation is to conquer their territory, raze it to the ground and rebuild it in their image. Just like what they did with Blackrock Spire against the Dark Irons formerly residing there.
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